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Mirgorod Natural Mineral Water

Natural mineral water «Mirgorodska» (similar name «Myrhorodska»)

Mirgorod (Myrhorod) mineral water, transparent, salted, with little mineralisation belongs to chloride-natrium water. Because of its unique curative properties this water is recommended by the doctors when treating chronicle gastritis and colitis and other indigestions. As drinking water it slakes thirst very well.

This water having the temperature +18 degrees Celsius is obtained from the well. The depth of the well is 700 meters. The water has been known since 1914. The chemical-biological researches made by leading institutes of our country show that our product is an example of ecological cleanness.

The formula of the chemical composition of water:

М 3,45 Cl 78 HCO3 11 SO4 11 P 7.6 (Na + K) 95 Ca 3 Mg 2