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Sergiy Solomakha is Mirgorod Mayor

Sergiy Solomakha

October 31, 2010 Sergiy Solomakha has been elected a Mirgorod Mayor.

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A brief biography:

Sergiy Solomakha born May 25, 1961 in the Komyshnya village of Mirgorod district in a family of civil servants. Sergiy graduated with honors from Faculty of natural history of Poltava State Pedagogical Institute named V. Korolenko. He qualified as a teacher of biology and chemistry. Then Sergiy graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Management of Poltava State Agrarian Academy and he qualified as a manager of enterprises. Sergiy Solomakha is the author of scientific publications on pedagogy, biology, methods of teaching chemistry.

Sergiy started his career in 1983 in school No.2 of Chervonozavodsky village of Poltava region as a teacher of chemistry and labor training. In 1985, after serving in the Soviet Army Sergiy Solomakha relocated to Mirgorod. He taught chemistry in Mirgorod's school No. 9. From 1990 to 2000 Solomakha was deputy director of the same school.

Since 2000, Sergiy Solomakha worked in the education department of Mirgorod Town Council. In 2002 Sergiy Solomakha became Deputy Mayor of Mirgorod.

From 2002 to 2006 he was a member of the executive committee of the Town Council of 4th convocation. 2006-2010 Solomakha was a deputy of the Mirgorod Town Council of 5th convocation.

As Deputy Mayor he worked until October 31, 2010, and then Sergiy Solomakha was elected Mayor of Mirgorod.

He is a non-party platform. Sergiy Solomakha is married and has two grown sons.

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